Driving force behind Nice Côte d'Azur eco-metropolitan area


A long term vision

Grand Arénas © EPA - Mateoarquitectura

Grand Arénas

The international business center of the French Riviera

Meridia Cours des universités © EPA - Devillers & Associés

Nice Méridia

The Éco-Vallée urban technopolis

© EPA - Mateoaquitectura

OIN Écovallée

a dense public transport network and soft mobility infrastructure will connect the Éco-Vallée area.

As the founding document of the Eco-Vallée, the Territorial Project outlines both the strategy to ensure the sustainable development of the Plaine du Var and the...
The Eco-Vallée operation has strong ambitions for the economic development of this territory, and more broadly, for the whole French Riviera.
The double objective of the EPA Plaine du Var is to preserve the area’s ecological capital, demonstrating that economic development can be achieved while...
Programmed over a 30 year period, the operation of national interest of the Eco-Vallée will see the launch of its first four priority projects, piloted by the EPA...