main projects © EPA

main projects © EPA

Programmed over a 30 year period, the operation of national interest of the Eco-Vallée will see the launch of its first four priority projects, piloted by the EPA Plaine du Var.

Two of these figure within the perimeter of the EcoCité Nice Côte d’Azur : the Grand Arénas, a future international business center, and Nice Méridia, a technology park dedicated to sustainable development. The two other projects are to establish an important logistics park at la Baronne-Lingostière and to create an eco-district in Saint-Martin-du-Var.

At the same time, projects are under study with different partners. Eco-districts are being planned in several townships, in Nice Saint-Isidore, Saint Blaise, Carros et Gilette. New infrastructures, designed to be fully eco-exemplary, are also programmed, ranging from the Nice Stadium, to the food platform of La Baronne.

Thanks to all these projects, the great concept of the « Eco-Vallée » will go from the drawing board to reality, creating jobs and housing along the way.