A founder document

As the founding document of the Eco-Vallée, the Territorial Project outlines both the strategy to ensure the sustainable development of the Plaine du Var and the actions programmed to pave the way for the future.


Texts and maps

A project as vast as the Eco-Vallée called for a precise, well argued document. Entitled Territorial Project - « Projet de territoire », its production was handled by the Public Urban Development Agency of the Plaine du Var .

Full of detailed content, enhanced with numerous maps, the one hundred page document defines the strategic principles that will ensure the sustainable development of the plaine du Var. Also outlined are the main objectives in terms of eco-exemplarity to be achieved through different projects, either already underway, or programmed. Key orientations for the future are mapped out as well.

The territorial project was the fruit of extensive consultations involving the different partners, held during workshops in September 2011.


A long term vision

The territorial project was voted by the EPA’s Administrative Council in December 2011, at the same time as the financial protocol, enabling the launch of the operations targeted as first priorities.

It offers a long term vision, for the thirty years to come, to redesign all aspects of the Plaine du Var in order to give it a new face. As a first step, priorities have been established for the actions to be carried out in the next fifteen years; The document is meant to be completed and further adapted over the years.


Three orientations

Through the consultation with all stake holders, three key orientations were defined for this territorial project:

  1. To restore, preserve and bring value to an altered, constricted stretch of land.

  2. To ensure the sustainable development of this strategic, but disorderly territory

  3. To stimulate strong economic and social dynamics throughout the metropolitan area.


Each of these three major guidelines is an essential component of the global vision that will enable the Eco-Vallée territory to regain its full dimension.