La Baronne-Lingostière

La Baronne-Lingostière project ©EPA

La Baronne-Lingostière project ©EPA

This project of a food and horticulture platform, as well as a sustainable business park, highlights the cooperation between the EPA and its partners, as well as the collaboration between public instances and private parties.

On both river banks

Spread on either side of the Var, and involving three communes - La Gaude and Saint Laurent-du-Var for La Baronne, Nice for Lingostière -, this operation will unfold on both sides of the river, illustrating the global scope of the Eco-Vallée. A new passageway over the river could be considered at a later date.



At la Baronne, the food and horticulture platform will also include an eco business district, as well as premises for logistics activities.

 - The activities of the M.I.N. national interest market, currently situated in Saint-Augustin, will be transferred there.

This food platform is geared at developing locally grown produce; The experimental sites of Gattières et Le Broc have been designated by the Chamber of Agriculture as test beds for the new agricultural policy to be deployed in the plaine du Var.

The Lingostière commercial zone and its surrounding roadways will be reviewed to be harmoniously integrated into the landscape, as part of a joint initiative carried out by the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, the EPA and private partners, Ultimately this urban planning project will include housing developments, a range of business activities and proximity services, as well as a multimodal transport station.


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Time-frame for La Baronne project


Launch of a call for bids for the realization


Creation of a traffic circle  to access the site


Delivery or the whole platform