Daily life

Daily life

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In the Eco-Vallée, quality of life rimes with housing, public equipment, shopping and proximity services, transport for all, leisure, sports and nature… .

New public equipment

Within the perimeter of the Eco-Vallée, the scheduled housing programs, will progressively be enhanced with public investments necessary for daily life such as schools, sports facilities, leisure areas… . Several projects are already under study at the initiative of local instances: In particular, the town of Saint Isidore is planning new school and sports facilities, from primary through high school and a building program for a school in Saint-Martin du Var is also being put in place.

Easy access and mobility

Those living and working in the Eco-Vallée will benefit from a range of public transport modes (buses, tramway, trains), as well as good roadways for cars, with a fluid traffic flow; They’ll also be able to get around safely on foot or by bicycle. From the start, the Eco-Vallée project has taken into account these different options for mobility, with a global planning and transport scheme, conceived by the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis, and focusing on sustainable development.

Combining stadium and leisure center

The flagship sports equipment is of course the Nice Stadium. This multifunctional, urban stadium will host major sports events and big productions, but it will also be a leisure area, with shops and restaurants, and will include a national sports museum.

Nature close to home

A good life style requires a pleasant natural environment where one can take a walk, go for a jog, ride a bike, in short, simply relax… In that respect, those living in the Eco-Vallée are lucky: They are surrounded by beautiful countryside, between the sea and the mountain range, with the Var river, with its ecosystem, running through the valley, its forests and perched villages. The area also includes a protected natural park, the departmental natural park of Lac du Broc, and in the years to come, a second Var river banks park , will stretch all along the water way, and an eco-park will be established to the South on the left bank. (see box)