Your questions

Your questions

How can I express my opinion on the Eco-Vallée operation?

You can share your opinion on each project during the public consultations that are currently planned, or will be scheduled in the future.


Concretely, what are the benefits of this operation for local inhabitants?

New opportunities in terms of housing (4400 new dwellings) and jobs (see the question on employment), an excellent public transport system, preserved natural parks, areas for leisure activities…All in all, a better quality of life! Add to this, the pride of living in a territory classified as an “operation of national interest”, and which will serve as a model and showcase for France in terms of sustainable development.  


When will work start on the projects?

Here is the calendar for the Eco-Vallée projects:

In the Nice Méridia zone, the Nice Premium building has already been finalized.
As of 2013: work and commercialization will start on the other projects.

2013: work and commercialization on the multimodal hub - Grand Arénas.

For La Baronne

- 2012: Consultation launched for the food platform

- 2014: New interchange leading to the site is put in service

- 2016: Food platform is finalized.


Can the mayors of the different townships have their word on the projects?

A council of mayors brings together the mayors of the fifteen townships involved, for regular consultations on the evolution of the operation.  


What are the chances of finding a job on the site?

The Eco-Vallée operation should generate an estimated 50 000 new jobs, within a range of professions and at all levels of qualification. (see  ECONOMY/ page Employment).

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