Eco-Vallée : a prime business location

Eco-Vallée : a prime business location

Schneider Electric - Carros - ©Ludovic Molinier

The Eco-Vallée operation will bring new dynamics to a territory already endowed with a rich industrial and economic fabric. Over 10 000 companies employ approximately 60 000 people, with activities ranging from industry, to logistics, to public works, to agriculture.

This potential is about to be enriched with new areas of activity such as the service sector, business tourism, green growth industries, agribusiness, as well as environmental and healthcare research.

With its proximity with the international airport, the Eco-Vallée is already perceived as an excellent location for businesses. New infrastructures such as the exhibition park, a business incubator at Nice Méridia, and a new range of hotel accommodations… will make it all the more attractive.


Among the companies installed:


Augier S.A

Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur






Schneider Electric


Zelya Energy…