The EPA Plaine du Var urban planning zone. Click on the picture for a full view. ©Mateo Wilmote & associés SA

The Eco-Vallée will not reproduce the errors of the past, with an urban development marked by intensive housing on the hillsides and in the plain, and a 100% car transport mode, generating dense traffic and security issues.

Three principles

The Eco-Vallée’s urban planning is based on three principles:

Centrality: Taking into account the territory’s size, as well as the scope of activities, four central zones have been defined:"Estuaire", "Var Central", Méandre" and "Confluence".

Density: Opting for urban density, in line with the Grenelle recommendations, will help protect the remaining natural sites and limit the urban sprawl as well as new road construction. The goal is also to reduce energy consumption.

Mixed usage: The idea is to avoid single purpose sites divided into separate housing areas, industrial zones, etc…, and to combine offices, housing, commercial activities, public services, sports and cultural equipment within the same area… This approach calls for a diverse, reasonably priced housing offer as well.

A golden rule

Eco-exemplarity has been established as a rule to be respected by all public and private actors involved. It must be reflected in the environmental measures taken at all levels, within each project, for each new building; It should be applied in all areas, from energy consumption, to determining transport modes, to monitoring water and waste management, to assessing the natural and technological risks... .